Valongo - International Image Festival

Valongo is a really cool festival for photographers, filmmakers and all kinds of culture lovers. And despite being on its second edition, many people had not heard about the first.

Ant that’s exactly how we decided to provoke the public. If art lovers claim to know as much about art as they usually do, how come they haven’t even heard about Valongo?

Made at: Africa
With: Bruno Valença, Felipe Birck, Matteus Faria, Raphael Santos
Directed by: Pedro Giomi (Landia)
Role: Creative Director / Copywriter



Valongo Festival 2017 /  Bis Xtra - Not Made For Sharing  /    Skol Ultra   /   Tim Mobile - Brigadeiro  /   Nike - The Orange Jersey    /  Bis - Made For Sharing   / Tim Football   /   Santander I Am Anne  / 
Valongo Festival 2018   / My Best Flaw

Creative Direction:

Best Burger in Town - Mitsubishi ASX /  Mitsubishi Outlander   /   99 App  /   Fom - Insomnia /   Bombril   /  Disque Denúncia /   L&PM Contorcionist  /  Google Translate    /    Selected Prints

Side Projects:

Train Station - Shortfilm  /  A Tua Ausência - Shortfilm  /  We Will Live - Videoclip   /  Rente  /
Don't Know If Cortazar Has An Accent (book)