Nike - The Orange Jersey

A traditionally black and white team proud to have come from the favela is about to launch a new jersey. Only this time it's orange. What to do? What to say? We decided to talk about the favelas' dust fields. We turned The Almighty Timon (Team) into The Almighty Terron (Dust).


Nobody knows if men came from dust

but Corinthians fans did

They came from the dust

that rain turns into mud

from the ground

where grass doesn’t grow

The same dust

that paints their jerseys orange

Corinthians fans came from dust

Where every game is

a home game

Where the only rule is

to always fight for more

and not getting dirty is a sin

The dust field is

the official Corinthians training camp

Our fan’s crib

Our sacred land

And whom from the dust came,

to the dust will return.

We also made a film to honor Corinthians' players who came from the Terrão:

We’re not sure, but it may have helped the team to win the 2015 brazilian football league ;-)

Made at: Wieden+Kennedy
With: Mihail Aleksandrov, Ícaro Dória, Caio Mattoso, Rodrigo Mendes
Role: Copywriter


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