Meu Melhor Defeito (My Best Flaw)

Here’s the reality of our industry: it stinks. Brazilian adverting has always been an elitist and oppressive market, making young professionals feel sad and displaced.

That’s why we decided to find a new way to encourage them to join us, by welcoming who they really are and respecting where they came from.

A week before Cannes Lions 2018, Adweek made a beautiful article about it.

We also made an exhibition about the theme and a whole week of talks, with leaders giving advice to help young advertisers find their way in the industry.

All tips were later added to @meumelhordefeito's Instagram page.

Made at: Papel&Caneta (NGO)
With: André Chaves, Ana Cortat, Raphaella Martins, Gabriela Rodrigues, Spartakus Francisco, Dani Albuquerque, Tatiana Tsukamoto, Diego Machado, Beto Bina, Gus, Thais Fabris
Directed by: Brendo&Gonfiantini (Paranoid)
Role: Conception / Copywriter 


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Side Projects:
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